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Friday, December 28, 2012

7 Quick Takes

A Christmas Miracle! I'm writing a Quick Takes post (the first time ever). And I'm choosing to do it after a 2 week Christmas-Extravaganza internet-hiatus. Surely the perfect atmosphere to keep things quick and random, right?

1. We've never lived close to our families, so Christmas morning has never been in front of our tree, with just our family. Instead, we choose to open gifts the day we leave for the holiday. This year it was December 15th. The girls get to open gifts from Momma & Papa and Santa drops off a gift wherever they happen to be on Christmas morning. It's not the ideal situation, but I don't see any kids complaining...

2. I'm super excited about adding a boy to the mix of cousins & second cousins. Totaling each of our sides, there are 24 girls in Joan & Charlotte's generation and only 9 boys. These don't show everyone, but just look at all those girls!

3. Joan & Charlotte had plenty of baking time with their grandmothers and though their diets for the last 2 weeks pretty much consisted of sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and lots of scary dyes, I'm sure they'll live. At least until next Christmas...

4. The gift on the left is for Jude (my husband for the last 6.5 years & boyfriend for 1.5 years before that). The gift on the right is for Jason (my sister's boyfriend for a year). They're both from my parents. That's all. You make your own conclusions... 
Kidding, Mom. We know you love Jude!

5. Two questions: Does your mall have awesome things to do like bungie-trampolining, train rides, and indoor playgrounds like the one where my parents live? and Why am I always pregnant for the fun stuff?
You know, just dancing on a stage for the food court.

6. It might be too late, but this is our What I Wore To Christmas photo and we're all conveniently in coordinating colors.

6b. An appropriate time to sneak these in, too.
We really missed having Art & Chloe there, but are so happy to welcome their new baby Henry to the family!! 

7. It's not a Christmas post if you don't include a photo of Baby Jesus or Santa, so here goes...

Merry Christmas and check out everyone else's more appropriate Quick Takes over at Conversion Diary!

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