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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Another reason why we're married.

I went to Jude's car this morning to get a spare yellow notepad that he keeps in the door side. The top sheet read:

Kill two birds...
and you'll hear from PETA.

Don't count your chickens...
without a calculator.

When life hands you lemons...
hand them back. You didn't want them, remember?

Finishing well known phrases with a bit of skepticism and sarcasm? Just another game we play. Everyone should be so blessed to marry their best friend and the person they like hanging out with most - marriage is a lot of hanging out.

I'm taking suggestions for the title of this game. Suggest away and happy playing.


Jill said...

ha. i like the lemon one. Micah would be really good at this game.

Veronica said...

I like the lemons one.

I think "snark" should be included in the title of the game somewhere, but I got nuthin'.

CathyGregory said...


I feel the same way...that whole bff thing. Marriage is way fun (and funny) when you've married your best friend.