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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


"Papa, who was that?"
"A man to help us sell the house."
"Why do you sell it?"
"Because we don't have enough money to keep it."
"Maybe you can buy a house with money in it."

"There's no game today, Joan. We're gonna watch MSU on the television."
"What's a television?"

Quickly crossing the parking lot towards the Wal-Mart entrance,
"Run Momma! Run your errands!"

"Mom, can I watch a movie now?"
"No. You already watched one and sometimes you watch too many. It's better for your brain to play or read. Did you know that?"
"Yeah - but my brain is not in my head anymore, so now can I watch a movie?"
Genius. Definitely still a brain in there...

"Aw, Joan - are you ok? You hurt yourself but you're not crying."
"Well, my tears are not coming out of my eyes because they can't come until next week."


Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

let us know when you find the money house-we'd be interested in that too

The Brown's said...

probably the best verbatim post ever!