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Saturday, August 13, 2011

We heart games.

And we don't care if you think we're corny. Jude and I can pass the time by playing silly little games we've made up. We're not opposed to store bought board games (Except Monopoly. I hate Monopoly.), but sometimes you can't play with just two players and sometimes you just don't have a game handy.

So if you ever find yourself in that situation, play along with us:

The Sing-along:
The first player thinks of a song that the second player probably doesn't know. The first player begins to sing that song and the second singer tries to sing the same words in the same melody at the same time, and it helps to make dramatic faces while you sing - it's sure to bring many laughs. (Jill, we did a version of this in college, remember? Except I think you used to make up songs...)

The Sharpie Shift: (This doesn't have to be done with a sharpie, but that's how the game originated for us and so for tradition's sake, we use a sharpie.)
The first player takes the sharpie and writes a short statement - whatever comes to mind first and passes the sharpie to the second player. The second player responds to the statement and passes the sharpie back. A silent, but written conversation follows. The normal rules of writing (i.e. starting at the top left of the page and writing from left to right, up then down) do not apply in this game. (As I read the directions, it doesn't sound that fun, but we always end up cracking up at our conversation.)

The Button Game: (This game was actually made up by our friends Pete & Janet in IL and we don't take any credit for it. Jude, however, despises this game and hates when I try to play it with him - I think it's because I always win... I hope I can get these directions right. It starts to get kind of complicated.)
Within a normal conversation, one player has to say at least 3 words of a song (i.e. "I've got a feeling") and the goal is to make the unsuspecting person start singing that song or fill in the rest of the lyrics (i.e. "that tonight's gonna be a good night..."). If the second player accidentally starts singing it, the first player yells "Button!" and essentially wins. But if the second player realizes that they've been set up, they yell, "Reverse button!" and win. If however the first player thinks that they've been found out and will be exposed, they can say, "Deactivate" before "reverse button" is called and the game is neutralized. I like this game. Jude does not.

Pronounce it:
Go to dictionary.com and choose words to have the computer pronounce (you've all seen the little speaker icon that you can click on, right?). If you're in fifth grade like us, you'll stick with bathroom humor or just stick with the word of the day. Today's: holus bolus - to cleanse.

The Magazine Point:
This usually needs to be played with an art magazine, furniture magazine, or even a clothing magazine with several items on one page. Taking a few seconds to look the page over, count to three and at the same time, point to your favorite item on the page. This usually turns into either a sappy, "Ah... this is why we got married... (wha, wha)" or a short debate, "What! That? Why?!"

The Comment Copy:
Go to any website and read reviews on products, hotels, water parks, events, songs, movies - whatever - it doesn't matter. Just read them aloud and crack up because the people commenting about whatever it is are hilarious. Sometimes we can't even get through one review because people are so insane. And if you read them with different voices - even better... Here's just a little preview of what you'll find: "Well i rate geyser falls a 100 precent great water park. i have never been to geyser falls and planning on this summer and would really like for people to stop giving it a bad rep." 
Yep. Never been to it, but Vonda Kay Whitt gave this water park 5 stars. Also, she wanted to remind people to leave their personal belongings in the trunk. 

Happy playing.


The Whatleys said...

So funny! Dan and I must be corny too because we are playing games all the time. Our ongoing game is who can name the artist singing the song on the radio fastest. This really gets fun/funny when you are in a crowded store or around other people who have no idea that the game is going on. We will have to try one of yall's games now.

Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

and that is why i like you guys

Mandi @ Living the Good Life said...

Yall are too funny!

Laura @ our messy messy life. said...

I love this. Taylor and I don't play games :( I want games too.

Laura @ our messy messy life. said...

Mandi and I were reading this at the same time! Alisha, that surely proves just how hip and cool you are.

The Brown's said...

yall are cute!!! never underestimate the therapeutic effects of being so young at heart...to be a fly on the wall or on the windshield of your van :)