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Friday, August 5, 2011

My soap box, or lack thereof

Have I mentioned that Jude and I practice Natural Family Planning and that Charlotte and Joan are breastfed babies?

Not recently? Well, oops. Apparently last week was NFP Awareness Week and this week is World Breasfeeding Week and I've neglected a good opportunity to share our experiences and offer our encouragement for any out there needing it.

But sorry, you won't find that here today. (If you've read my blog in the last few days, you should give me a break. Plus, we've been painting Jude's office everyday with two little girls, Elmo dvds, snacks, an exersaucer, water bottles, and toys in toe. The half-a-gallon of paint spilt on campus carpet should give you a good indication of what life's been like... Why does Louisiana have to be so far away?!) And even though many ladies are doing great jobs at promoting both of these things, I'm even too lazy to link to their blogs. (You ladies know who you are, anyway!)

Just because I'm not singing their praises from the roof tops, I hope you know that we have been very blessed by choosing both. Sure, at times they can be difficult, confusing, inconvenient, or just plain annoying. But our choices have brought so many benefits and rewards - physically, spiritually, and emotionally - these have always outweighed the sacrifices.

I encourage you to google, chat, and pray about both Natural Family Planning and Breastfeeding and if you want a candid perspective on them, let me know. There's lots of info out there, and I know that can be overwhelming. Good luck.

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