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Friday, December 7, 2012


Charlotte: What's this book?
Me: It's about Jesus being born.
Charlotte: No... the manger
Me: What's a manger?
Charlotte: uhhhh
Me: It's where Jesus was born, like I said.
Charlotte (skeptically): I guess so...

Joan: I tooted... and it smells the same as yours, Papa.

Joan: I don't like this song. Let's do another one - just not rock 'n roll...

Joan: These are the rules of the fancy dinner: Eat your food, don't make a mess, and be pretty!

Joan: Wow, Momma. Now your belly's bigger than your breast!


Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

I'll try to be prettier at my next fancy dinner....

Morgan said...

hahaha that is SO funny especially the "tooted" one :) I found Joan's baby pic that you gave me all those years ago and I can't believe how much older she is now!!

Suzette said...

Hi! Just jumped over from Bonnie's "A Knotted Life." Cheers from a fellow Cajun! Love the tradition you have with your girls. Our oldest is just shy of two so 2013 is my year to get with the game cause so far I have been wingin' it. Thanks for the post! Your site is so fun - love the art too! But the verbatim is hysterical. Blessings!