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Monday, December 10, 2012

Making things make life better

I really hate dress up. The large canvas bag that holds gobs of polyester and tulle stays locked up in the closet, never to be mentioned, until some little girl begs long enough.

But instead of crushing someone's apparent "dream," I found it in my kind soul to create an outfit that:
A). I don't mind looking at
B). is comfortable & minimizes complaining
C). qualifies as appropriate to wear to Wal-Mart
D). won't tear to shreds in the washer and
E). aids in saving planet Earth (repurposed from old t-shirts)

I gathered inspiration from these, but was overwhelmed by Belle's dress, so I couldn't even look at how the peasant top was supposed to be constructed. I just started cutting and pinning and things worked out.
I went with the mid-calf approach so that it wouldn't be too long for Charlotte
and so it hopefully fits them both for more than a month.

Your majesty.


Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

so does this mean you're getting rid of all your tulle dress up clothes?? I know of a good home for them ;)

Lisa said...

you are so talented!! really, you are!