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Friday, December 30, 2011

Our Christmas Angel(s)

Jude and I, sans Joan and Charlotte (more on that later), arrived back to our home in Starkville this evening. Despite the slight chill in the house from being without heat for the past week and a half, our hearts are warm.

The stack of mail that our landlords collected for us contained a thick red envelope with no return address. Inside? Three Visa gift cards totaling $225.

We're a bit stunned, but mostly humbled, that someone (or more than one) thought about us this Christmas season and shared their blessings.

Immediately, we start to wonder who might've done this for us and look for clues, but to no avail. And as we verbally list everyone who it might be, we realize a great thing. There are several people in our lives that are generous and charitable, supportive and loving and it could be any of them - we recognize that our gift is not only the money, but the sheer number of people in our lives that bring us great joy, when so many others go everyday, literally or figuratively, with no one.

Was it you? Is our Christmas Angel reading right now?

If so, thank you.
Thank you for sacrificing, for giving - and for doing it so humbly. You are an example for all, especially us. And it is in that same spirit that we share your gift with someone close by who recently lost their home in a fire, days before their husband was deployed again. So you bless not just us, but those who need it more.

May God be generous to you, as you were to us,
and may His ever-loving presence be with you always.

P.S. You have cute handwriting.

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