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Monday, July 18, 2011


Sorry, but I just haven't had much to say on the blog lately. I guess I'll let Joan do the talking...

"Joan, why is your hair so wet? Is it sweaty?"
"Well, it's wet because I've just been outside for forty days."

"Sorry, Joan - I'm dripping all over."
"Yeah, you dripped it because you're getting old."

"Joan - isn't Charlotte so mischievous?"
"Momma, what does chi - bus mean?"

"That's a big ol' cookie, Joan has there. It might give her 'the runs' tonight."
Shaking her finger, "No, no, no, Papa. We're not going running tonight."

"Papa, I think I tooted somewhere."
"Where did you toot?"
"In my bottom."

"Joan, you see these Harry Potter books - you're gonna read them all one day. But they have a lot of words."
"Ok, but do they have hairy words?"

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Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

Although I value your thoughts and reflections-I could read Joan quotes all day long!