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Thursday, November 7, 2013


Alisha: No, you can't poke your chicken with that screwdriver.

Charlotte: It's so messy right here.
Alisha: Then, why don't you pickup.
Charlotte: Well, nevermind. It's not so bad.

Charlotte: Did you know Carley has the movie Cowboy and the Tramp?
Alisha: Haha. No - what's that about?
Charlotte: Well, there was a fire and he blew in there - the man with the mask and it had holes on his eyes and he runned to the fire and he breathed like this [sighs] and said, "Yee-haw!"
Alisha: Makes sense.

Alisha: Who made you so beautiful?
Charlotte: You did.
Alisha: No, God did.
Charlotte: And you made me awesome?

technically, this wasn't spoken, but written, errr - typed...

Joan: [singing] Come, now is the time to worship.
Alisha: What does worship mean?
Joan: [pauses] To just stay with God.

Charlotte: Mom, I have dirty breath.

Alisha: [attempting pigtails] Please be still! PLEASE, Lord - be still!
Charlotte: My name's not LORD!

Charlotte: I look like a saint.

Alisha: Man, why is your ear so dirty? Have you been pouring dirt in it?
Charlotte: No, it's just chocolate.

Charlotte: Dear Simon, I like the smell of your breath.

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Bonnie said...

"No, it's just chocolate." HILARIOUS!