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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Yeah, I write that weird?

Homegirl Dwija posted this link to a facebook status generator. It takes parts of your old statuses and mushes them together for some good laughs. It made for a very productive lunch break. So without further ado, my very own Verbatim: (disclaimer, I occasionally added punctuation to make the phrases make more sense)

Yeah, I write that weird?

You know Dave Ramsey class for at least, the pregnancy season...

Aw, Charlotte left a cloth diaper with, this sounds bad, but I'm sure.

Pretty excited to the new Twilight Saga. I'm Team Conan. You?

2 seconds away from throwing me a surprise visit with our online database and their bad attitudes happen to be lost without Jude.

Did you transition your kids into sharing a HOUSE?

Prayer for a girl like me.

Thanks Jude, you're Forever My taco with Dexter.

They're super crispy, like my new sewing machine needle I'd have.

Simon Jude Uh, no.

I can't delete.

I can't be around me without responding. Like mother, like son.

Bad idea. Quitting Excel and turning on NBC.

I get the way your ultrasound pic looks like someone's up to make good.

Farting monkeys are through.
(I like to leave on a high note. Go mush your own.)

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