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Saturday, April 6, 2013


Joan: Papa... when's your hair gonna grow longer?
Jude: Never.

Alisha: What do you think Simon's gonna do when he gets here?
Charlotte: Get dirty and breathe.
Alisha: Pretty much.

Joan: Momma, where did this turkey come from?
Alisha: Wal-Mart.
Joan: No, I mean did it come from a fish or a chicken or something?

Charlotte: Why Joan has to go to school?
Alisha: To learn stuff.
Charlotte: And me?
Alisha: Sure, what do you want to learn about?
Charlotte: Dirty stuff.

Joan: I'm a Landry and I was in the pantry!

Joan: Ugh, Charlotte - do you have diarrhea?
Charlotte: No, diarrhea is my friend.

Charlotte: Momma, I'm afraid.
Alisha: Aw, of what?
Charlotte: Of your tummy.


Michele Chronister said...

Haha! I love it, especially the last one :-) Having a toddler while pregnant is pretty excellent...the questions and comments they think up...oh, boy...

Bonnie said...

Those are so great!