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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Making things make life better

And I certainly need to make life a little better these days... 

I started sewing these crowns a few weeks ago to sell at the Cotton District Arts Festival this Saturday.

 A friend of mine requested one for her daughter's birthday and since they were so easy (that's right, I actually read & followed the tutorial), I made a ton on a whim and decided to get paid. Hopefully.

I had all of the fabric already except three of the patterns and I just bought a pack of buttons & some elastic and that was really it. The backs used to be some of Jude's old pants to help keep it sturdy and standing.

Jude will also have a plethora of fabulous custom designed prints, posters, and t-shirts and we're both really hopeful for a great weekend. Wish us luck!


Grace Marie said...

Wow!! Will you please let me know if you ever sell them online? I know a little tyrannical princess that would love one. I'm so impressed !

Grace Marie said...

okay. tough to decide but I love the top right on the top shelf in the top pic.

and one in from the right (purple) on the bottom shelf in the top pic as well.

Jenna@CallHerHappy said...

Yes, I agree! Sell these online! I want one and my sewing machine isn't getting a lot of action lately due to toddlers and pregnancies! Adorbs.