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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

(Charlotte's First!) Verbatim

These Verbatims have been a treasure chest of awesome. Joan has been hysterical and now, we are happy to finally add Charlotte to the collection:

Me: Ok, we need to start cleaning up.
Charlotte: Ok. You clean. I watch.

Charlotte: I not like Evvy's food. It's dirty.
(lentils & quinoa)

Charlotte: I need snack. (Points to her belly) My baby is growing.

Joan: When I grow up, I'm going to be a rockstar.
Me: Oh, and what about you, Charlotte? Are you going to be a rockstar?
Charlotte: No. I be fancy.

Me: Oh, you have the hiccups.
Charlotte: I like the hiccups. (that's what I heard, anyway)
Me: You like the hiccups?
Charlotte: No, I like the throw-ups.

Me: Well, why did you just wipe that booger on me?
Charlotte: 'Cause. You specials.

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