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Saturday, October 20, 2012

You have permission to be jealous.

Here's Jude and I at one of the art festivals we've done this year. This one's in Jackson at the Mississippi Museum of Art.

Jude left me to man the booth while he went to grab lunch. A few minutes later I hear him screaming my name and running back towards the booth, "A flash mob, Alisha - there's a flash mob!" Do I even have to tell you how important this is? Didn't think so.

I ran behind the booth in time to see the last several dancers gathering their group and finishing their most awesome dance. There was no time to film it with the camera. Still, I stood in awe at the reality that one of my life's goals had been completed.

And then it happened. I (yes, I'm pretty sure the emcee called me by name) was asked to join the group in dancing the (always classy) Cha Cha Slide dance. And like a most responsible parent who couldn't choose between supervising her toddler and making history, I danced with Charlotte clinging tightly to my pregnant hips. I felt a little like Cam (around the 1:07 mark) trying to fit in and dance, but I just followed my natural ability - and the singer's commands - and successfully joined a flash mob.

It wouldn't have been my first choice of song, dance, or venue, but nonetheless - TWO life goals fulfilled. A great day, indeed.

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Tricia said...

Flash mobs can be awesome. Congratulations!