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Saturday, October 27, 2012


Directed at me, "So... you're going to wear that today? Isn't that a pajama shirt?"

"OH! I didn't know pregnant ladies could eat Easy Mac!!"

"Well... since there are kind of a lot of dirty diapers in here, I'm just gonna go..."

"Momma, now can I have some chapstick?"
"I already said 'yes,' don't ask again. I'll get it in just a minute."
"... chapstick..."
"I just told you not to say it again!"
"Oh - I was just practicing chapstick..."

"In this family, we will not kiss dogs."

"Uh... Dora has kind of a football head, huh?"

"Momma, my birthday party - my pretend birthday party - is going to be about The Power of India."

"Joan, what was your favorite part about today?"
"Probably our visitor." (Jude's friend)
"Oh really?"
"Yeah, and even though I was shy and didn't talk very much, I enjoyed it."

"Charlotte! Guess what? One day, we're going to go to church and ride my balance bike in the parking lot - and you... well, you get to sit down, and watch the show!"


Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

I wish I could read a verbatim post every morning. Makes my day!

Leanne @ Life Happens When said...

This was super cute and I can definitely relate!!

The Whatleys said...

The chapstick One is so funny and pretty smart on her part.

The Joneses said...

Haha. Practicing Chapstick. Very witty.