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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Making Things Makes Life Better: Robot Limbs

I saw these robot legs floating around the interweb and thought they'd be perfect birthday gifts for the girls' friends Henry & Liza.

By now, you know the drill. I didn't really read the directions or buy the right supplies, but I think they turned out just fine. I even like the way they conform to the leg or arm better than the original design does.

And I just might've convinced Joan to be a robot for Halloween this year instead of the usual obnoxious requests for pink and purple lace satin. Still to be determined...

Also, I would have taken photos of Charlotte wearing the yellow ones, but you know, she's not really a fan of cooperation. c'est la vie.

 The backs just have adjustable velcro. Nothing fancy, but very handy.

Happy Birthday Henry & Liza! Enjoy!

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