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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Professional Stalkers

I'm getting really good at it, stalking my dream home. And, I've got to say, so is Jude. He kindly drove by it this morning on our way back from the water park.

You know you're jealous.
Another post with more pictures coming soon.

And do you know what that man did after he passed up the house with a huge moving truck in the driveway? Made the block and pulled in behind it. We just needed to know. Were they moving out, putting it up for sale, renting it out, just moving in and planning to occupy my dream home for the next 40 years... we needed to put this to bed. End my speculation.

Jude got down and talked with the guy supervising the movers. At first, I was too scared to get down and talk. Maybe I was too afraid of their response (or of being arrested). Then I realized I couldn't pass up the only time I might ever get to peek inside.

I got there just in time to hear the man say that his friends purchased the house 6-8 months ago and were finally moving the rest of their things in, now that their old home (in Starkville) has sold.

Sad conclusions about my dream home:
This is the second house they've purchased in Starkville, and if there was any indication that they might move out of town/state, they probably would have just stayed where they were until that opportunity came to be.

They moved from an area of town that most families seem to want to live - subdivisions upon subdivisions line the main road - and chose to buy a house close to downtown. A decision I expect someone to make because they truly want to be downtown and in an older home long-term, not because it's a stepping stone to a bigger goal, like buying a fixer-upper before you purchase the 4 bed, 2.5 bath.

They bought the house to live in, not rent out. And because they both (at least one of them does) work at Mississippi State, it's probable that they'll be here for many, many years. Maybe until they're old and gray.

I'm just a little disappointed. Even though I know we're in no shape to buy and won't be for many years, and even though it makes no sense to uproot and rent a house a few blocks away that's more money with one extra bedroom and a back porch. I've still got a dream. And I think it just got a little harder to reach.

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Kristi said...

So sorry to hear this! I know how much you were stalking this house! Your house will come along, but until then dream BIG!