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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sauteing sucks.

Why can't I do what should be the most simple kitchen task (other than boiling water), sauteing?!

Too much butter or oil? Too little?

Too high of a flame? Too low?

Cooking too long? Too short?

What's the deal, people! Send me your suggestions on how to successfully saute onions and such before cooking. Why do I keep ending up with crunchy and sometimes crispy ones? And give me specifics.

And Kristi, if you're reading, I tried really hard - for like 30 minutes on low heat - to get those veggies soft. I hope they're ok...


The Whatleys said...

I would say try a little more oil/butter and lower heat. It should only take about 8-10 minutes for soft onions. when they are clear, they should be done.

Lisa said...

OK, so this is what I'm thinking -- if they are getting crispy, maybe the heat is too high? And 30 min is too long, so that time the heat was too low. And you don't need that much butter or oil. I usually do no more than a tablespoon of oil or butter over med high heat and it takes about 5-10 min. You cook them until they are translucent. But I am no expert, that's just my experience. Any chefs out there??

Remember before we all had kids, we invited you and Jude over for enchiladas? I remember being so embarrassed because I didn't cook my onion/tomato mixture long enough and the onions still had some bite in the enchiladas :) Just so you know, they weren't supposed to be that way

Kristi said...

You're too funny! The soup was delicious! I don't know what you're talking about. I was gonna ask you for the recipe next time I saw you anyway.
I agree with the other comments about sauteing though. TBSP or two of butter or oil and med to med-high heat for 10 minutes should do.