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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Let me just catch you up to speed.

I'm thankful that Thanksgiving is over. But only the part involving a puking, whining 1.5 year old. And in case you were wondering, yes, regurgitating strawberry yogurt 6 times over a 6 hour car ride is as terrible as you'd imagine. Did you know that nightmares can have smells? Charlotte seemed to get better and then sick again over our vacation (someone obviously didn't get her the memo) and now that we're home we've had no puking sessions, but just as much whining. Trust me, the whining is better. (Sarah, we'll talk about sweet Evelyn tomorrow.) By the way, crushed garlic with olive oil rubbed on the feet of sick children should be right up there with, but still below, Holy Water.

Speaking of sweet Evelyn, we've been taking care of her for almost a month (I say we because Jude has been so involved when he gets home and Joan's been so helpful, too) and it's been going great. She really is an easy baby and my days aren't nearly as stressful as I anticipated. I hope it continues to go so well because it's been a great arrangement so far.

Joan's excited about the Christmas season and is currently watching Charlie "Brownie."

I guess this is old news, but did you hear Demi and Ashton are getting a divorce? I was really erked when I saw an article entitled, "How Strong Women Dump Their Misbehaving Men: Demi Moore's Powerful Statement." What bothers me about this and so many other high profile marriages ending the same way is how the media describes the woman (or man) who leaves as strong and it implies that the one who stayed is weak. Let's be honest, it must take a strong person to get through that type of betrayal either way, but doesn't it seem like it might take an even stronger person to forgive and faithfully honor the vows they made even when their spouse didn't? And I'm sure lots of factors come in to play when people are choosing how to move forward, like abuse, the presence of children, the nature of the betrayal, the unwillingness of the spouse to be faithful, etc., but when spouses choose to forgive and honor their commitment, I don't think they're weak. Do you? Think of all of the wives of politicians who've stood by their husbands at press conferences, only to be labeled by the world as weak, stuck because the're financially dependent, or easily manipulated, while women like Jenny Sanford, South Carolina's former first lady, are applauded and cheered. Shame on us.

Sorry, guess that turned into a soap box shpeel. But in other news... I have a new best friend. My pocket calculator. Since moving to a cash-envelope system for groceries and toiletries, I get to the cashier with exact change before they tell me the total. I love the look on their faces.

You know when musicians on TV say that they've been singing since before they could talk? Do you roll your eyes, too? Well, I won't be doing that anymore because we've got proof. Charlotte, who barely says anything (especially words you specifically request) is constantly singing, humming, and making melody. It's a pretty cute sight and if I could ever sneak a video of her, I'll prove it.

Getting your phone out of a guitar's hole is pretty difficult, but putting it in is quite easy. Ask Charlotte.

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The Joneses said...

Balian started humming Jesus loves me and twinkle twinkle little star, and lots of other songs before he could talk. It's so true! And he already has really good rhythm. I can't wait to see how he develops musically! Just keep encouraging it! The words will eventually come :)