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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception

I've said it before, my kids are helping me get to Heaven. Most of the time I unfortunately use that phrase with exasperation because that day was especially trying for me. And even though today possessed some of those kind of moments, I should recognize that not all of the "get me to Heaven" lessons are from stress. 

I've never been more touched by the celebrations of feast days and liturgical seasons than I am now. Having kids and attempting to guide them through our beautiful faith has done wonders for my own spirituality. First, it changes my perspective - I'm no longer a high schooler in CCD or a college student at a bible study, but a wife and mother living out a vocation. 

Having kids also holds up a mirror to my face and reveals more about my habits and passion (or lack there of). I have to be deliberate about what I say and do, because she's watching. And today was no different. We celebrate Mary's Immaculate Conception and to get a 2 1/2 year old to understand that is a huge feat. Even though she may not get most of the concept, it benefitted me to harp on it all day long, keeping it foremost in my thoughts and words (we talked about it A LOT) and letting it spill over into my heart. 

Thank you God, for my children and for the quiet way they teach my simple heart.

And Mother Mary, ever pure and holy, thank you for your prayers and shining example.


So, that kind of came out of left field. I was just going to nonchalantly post our celebrations of today for you, but I guess I needed to be reminded of a few things first. Anyway, here's what Those Landrys did. It began last night with a little youtube clip from "Bernadette, Princess of Lourdes" (a great Christmas present, maybe?) to help me explain where her title came from.

Then for breakfast, she ate scrambled egg whites on toast to symbolize Mary's purity and white milk (no chocolate milk this morning...) in a blue cup representing Mary's signature color.

Then she colored an image of Mary as The Immaculate Conception and we hung it in the "sky" just like the way St. Bernadette saw her. She said, "I want to be Bernadette, too." So I gave her her rosary and we said our Hail Marys under her mobile. 

I tried to sing "Immaculate Mary" with her a few times, but she didn't really want to. But then I caught her being so adorable - she got down on her knees (all unscripted) and was saying the prayers on her own. I switched the camera to video and hoped to catch more sweet innocence. Check out how cute she is!

Later tonight, after Mass, we plan to have an all-white meal again. We're making chicken alfredo pizza with mozzarella. No pictures of that though, I decided to do the post now. Both girls are actually asleep - yep - at the same time!!! Have a wonderful feast day!

Oh, and I'm really excited about tomorrow's St. Juan Diego feast day because yesterday while shopping at Kroger, I found an Our Lady of Guadalupe candle. Yes, at Kroger - in Starkville! I need to find some silk flowers and I think we'll do some more reenactments. I might have a little actress on my hands...


Lisa said...

Paper Dali has a really cute Juan Diego paper doll, with tilma and roses and all: http://paperdali.blogspot.com/search/label/Saint%20Juan%20Diego

Amanda S. said...

This year we've decided that instead of getting the kids' teachers gifts for Christmas, we would celebrate wonderful feast days during advent with them. The kids were thrilled to give their teachers St. Nick goodie bags. They are looking forward to giving each of their teachers a red rose for Juan diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe. They will then send in a yummy cinnamon roll with a small votive candle for the Feast of St. Lucy.

This is new to us, so we'll see how it goes.