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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lazy July Days

Well, it's already mid-July! Joan had a great time in Dayton, OH visiting Chloe, Art, Tootsie, and Big Poppa. They took us to the water park and the Cincinnati zoo. It has been so nice living close to Chloe and Art! We'll definitely miss that in Mississippi. Speaking of Mississippi, we drove down there from Dayton - the longest car ride of our lives to date (10+ hours of an uncomfortable Joan in the back seat). I'm pretty sure we'll be breaking up the journey into two days next time! But it was all worth it! We found a great rental house in Starville that's in one of the historic districts. It was built in the 30's and holds beautiful woodwork and tons of space for us to grow. Our landlord is another MSU professor that has bought and renovated several properties on his road to preserve the architecture and neighborhood. We'll be moving in on August 1st. We just need to sell our Bloomington house. We haven't had any bids yet and we're starting to feel the pressure of selling now. Please pray for us and for God's guidance. We'll keep you posted and we'll also put up pictures of the new house when we get some. Enjoy the rest...

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