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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lazy June Days

We don't have too much to post, but had some cute pics and funny videos. Joan is now walking pretty much all the time, and getting injured fairly often as a result. She just passed thirteen months, and has learned a few words. Her favorite word is "NO" of course, but she also says Uh Oh, Baby, Bubble, Juice, Shoes, & Jesus. I decided to build Joan a fort out of the sofa cushions. She likes it, but once I take the cushions off the couch, she'd rather climb on and off the couch than go inside her little fort - oh well. We'll be traveling to Dayton tomorrow to visit Uncle Art, Aunt Chloe, Big Poppa, and Tootsie! After that, we're driving all the way to Starkville, MS to find our new home. If no one buys our house in Bloomington, then we'll have two homes!

The Fort: Take 1

The Fort: Take 2

Walking & Talking

1 comment:

Dre said...

Those videos of the fort crack me up. She must keep ya'll in constant stitches! Weezie would say, "she's a genius!" I'm sure her Gigi would agree....