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Saturday, September 7, 2013


I'm certain that my blog-month off was a breeze for you compared to the blog-week off that we all had to endure while Grace was away, and that this won't even come close to her Simon Says or Conversations with Julia, but it'll try. (Don't ever do that to us again, Grace.)

Charlotte: Know what this is? This is balaxing.

Joan: Charlotte, why do you keep following me?
Charlotte: 'Cause I was gonna poot on you.
Joan: Ew!
Charlotte: Just pretend poot, I mean.

Alisha: What's the matter, Charlotte? Are you a little bit tired?
Charlotte: No. It's just that I'm sleepy.

Joan to Simon: You sucking your fingers? We both suck our fingers, 'cause we're the suckers.

Charlotte: I'm a pooter!
Alisha: Oh, Charlotte - don't say that.
Charlotte: I'm just kidding... I'm a tee tee girl.

Joan: Papa, we're really kind of the same, because of our birthdays (both in May), our names start with "J", and we both don't like salad.

Joan: I want Simon to look handsome for my first day of school - so he can wear this.

Alisha: Charlotte, is your Pull-up wet or dry?
Charlotte: It's dry. I already went poo poo and tee tee.
Alisha: You went by yourself?
Charlotte: Yeah, but I didn't wipe, because wiping is hard.

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