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Sunday, June 2, 2013


Alisha: Don't mess with that, I think it's dog poop.
Joan: No, it's not.
Alisha: How do you know?
Joan: Oh, because I've seen it and digged in it before...

Charlotte: I need some privacy, Mom.
Alisha: Privacy? What's that?
Charlotte: Oh, it means you have poop.

Alisha: Joan, don't brush your hair with that fork - it's dirty!
Joan: No, it's clean.
Alisha: What do you mean? You're using a clean fork from the drawer?
Joan: Yeah.
Alisha: Who do you think you are, The Little Mermaid?
Joan: Uh, yeah.

Joan: I like to swing because you can relax and play at the same time.

Charlotte: Momma, I don't need a friend right now. I need privacy.

Joan: Oh Momma - you look fancy!
Alisha: Oh, why do you say so?
Joan: It's just that it looks like something from Target.

Joan: Hey Simon, did you have fun breasting?


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Ashley Anderson said...

The swing comment is brilliant!

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