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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Verbatim: Insensitive Children's Edition

Joan: And Momma, once your tummy goes back down, we can climb on you again...

Charlotte: (pointing to my POSTpartum stomach) Oh, you're having another baby?

Joan: (rubbing Simon's newborn hands) Aw, look. He has little wrinkles on his hands - just like you do, Gigi.

Charlotte: Can I see a picture of baby Jamie?
Alisha: Yeah, why? You like her?
Charlotte: Yeah, 'cause I only like girls.
Alisha: Well, what about when Simon comes, are you going to like him?
Charlotte: Well... I like girls.
Alisha: Yeah, but he'll be your brother. So you're going to like him, right?
Charlotte: Well... I like girls.
Alisha: Yes or no. Do you like Simon?
Charlotte: No.

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Nicole Hunt said...

hahaha, love it. oh charlotte!