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Monday, April 9, 2012


We just paid off $13,000 of debt in 6 months and now we're debt free!!

That's right - spam didn't clog this blog - you read that right - $13,000 in 6 months!!

We'd like to thank:
God, from whom all good things come.

Our parents for their example and generosity (the birthday & Christmas money was put to good use!)

Dave Ramsey (if you want a promotional CD to hear what it's all about, let me know...)

Jude Landry for being a famous graphic designer and bringing in lots of extra work (I'm sure he'd thank me too for getting a job if he had a blog)

Fellow Financial University Graduates: The Foreman's, The Whatley's, The Wersel's, The West's, The Kuntz's, Remo, (I feel like I'm forgetting someone, sorry.)

The Whatley's, again, for setting us up with a killer Excel spreadsheet and multiple tutoring sessions

Yes. We still have a house for sale in Illinois, but we're not counting it as debt. A short sale offer, which we've kept hush hush for a little while, is in the works and a new market appraisal will be made soon which means this 2nd short sale might actually get accepted. Again, we don't hold our breath because I'm pretty sure that holding your breath for 3+ years doesn't end well. Like always, we'll keep you posted.


Kelly Aldridge said...

WOOO HOOOO! Congratulations!!!

Jill said...

wow! that amount in 6 months is impressive!

Tricia Brauner said...

Terrific job!