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Thursday, March 22, 2012

I'm still here,

I've just been inside my sewing corner, ok - we'll call it a dining room for all intents and purposes (Yeah, it's not for all intensive purposes, I checked.), more than inside my own head and therefore have had little to say 'round here. 

Well, maybe I have been inside my head too much, but no one came here for my critical judgements of other people and their choices - right? I'm sure the Kingdom of God would come more swiftly if I could just keep my mouth shut and my feelings more charitable and just post cute photos and videos, aye?

Either way, I've been sewing a lot. And I think someone's picking up on it.


Lisa said...

So, what have you been sewing? For business or pleasure??

Jude and Alisha said...

A bit of both. I finally altered a shirt and a skirt for myself and I've been steadily making doll carriers, tool belts, owls, and dresses for the arts fair next month. I wish you guys were here to come to the fair. Fairs always make me think of you guys (as well as corn on the cob...) and we miss you so much it's really hard at times.