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Monday, November 1, 2010

Yay for All Saints Day!

Getting a two year old to understand and enjoy All Saints Day was a little tricky, especially after the Halloween craze had ended. But we did our best.

Jude bought us donuts for breakfast and I explained to Joan that eternity (hopefully in Heaven) goes on and on like the circle of a donut. She finally understood when I told it to her like a fairy tale, "We'll live happily ever after - forever and ever."

Joan colored a picture of St. Joan of Arc and one of St. Bernadette, or as she likes to call the portraits, "St. Joan Bernadette Landry." This evening, we turned off the lights and lit four candles for our departed family members, friends, clergy, and those forgotten while praying the litany of saints, during which Joan singed a chunk of her bangs off. And did you know it's actually, "From Lightning McQueen, Deliver us O Lord" instead of, "From the lightning and the tempest, Deliver us O Lord?"

But the finale of the night was finally getting into that Halloween candy she's been eyeing since Thursday. She's pretty smart because she chose a huge lollipop that's taken her over an hour and a half to finish. Jude just negotiated a tootsie roll for her less than half eaten sucker and now the candy bowl has been hidden.

Happy All Saints Day!

And don't forget about thinking of and praying for the souls still awaiting paradise on tomorrow's All Souls Day. I'm going to try to bring Joan to the cemetery... we'll see how that goes...

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