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Monday, September 14, 2009

Ruby Makes Do

I just wanted to share with you a children's book I've written. Right now, I'm waiting for a book to come in with literary agents listed and I'll be sending them a copy. Hopefully someone will pick it up and represent me at publishing firms. Jude will be working on the illustrations and we're both really excited. Let me know what you think!

Ruby Makes Do

When Ruby woke up and stepped out of bed, she knew it would be a long day.
But Ruby was great at keeping a smile and said what her mother would say,

"Sometimes in our lives the sun doesn't shine and even the sky isn't blue.
You just have to try to keep your head up and learn how to always make do."

For most of the day, poor Ruby would be in places where things would go wrong.
She started the day with knots in her hair and more trouble soon came along.

She first couldn't find, her ruby red shoe she normally kept by her bed.
Because one red shoe had vanished like air, she put on a green one instead.

With red on the right and green on the left, she needed to dress the same way.
She put on some clothes that didn't quite match and now she was set for the day.

She liked this new look. She thought it was sharp, and no one could point out a stain.
Then stepping outside, she saw a great sight - the sky had just started to rain.

She said to herself, "Oh, what should I do? I've lost my umbrella once more."
The garbage can lid would block all the rain and now she could slip out the door.

She made it to school with everything dry. But something was wrong with Miss Lee.
She tripped on the step and dropped her new mug, which splattered her shirt with hot tea.

"I got you a pin to cover your stain. It's small, but I think it will do."
Miss Lee put it on and said with a grin, "It's great and it matches my shoe."

When Spelling was done, they waited to sing. Bt soon the whole class was upset.
Miss Lee couldn't get the player to work, and that's when she started to fret.

But Ruby was calm. She said what to do, "Just find me a bowl and a spoon."
She drummed on the dish - the class sang along. They made up a new kind of tune.

They finished their song and then formed a line to gather their toys for outside.
But poor old Miss Lee had lost the shed's key with all of their toys locked inside.

"It's time to make do. We'll play something else. Let's all take a lace from one shoe."
She tied up their ends and made a tight rope. "Now everyone limbo on through."

When playtime was done, they went back inside. Miss Lee tried to find that day's book.
Unfortunately, the story was gone. She needed the whole class to look.

They searched a long time, without any luck and needed to read something new.
So Ruby stood up and said to the class, "It's time to hear Ruby Makes Do."

She shared with her friends, "The secret of smiles, is making what's wrong into right.
Remember this rhyme the next time you frown and soon things will turn out all right.

"Sometimes in our lives, the sun doesn't shine, and even the sky isn't blue.
You just have to try to keep your head up and learn how to always make do."

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LSULiv said...

How cute it this! And how could it NOT get published! Best of luck :)