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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Joan is old!

Well, she's getting there! Joan's first birthday just passed and we had a practice birthday party with our friends in Bloomington. Soon, she'll be heading to LA for the real thing. We got her a small pig cake from the grocery store that symbolized her survival of the swine flu during her first year. She didn't really like it, though... The other photos are of her playing around the house. In parent news... Jude finished school and is ready for Mississippi State. He also just got into a poster design competition, so we're really proud! I just finished my book Ruby Makes Do which I will post on here shortly and I practiced baking a cake for Joan's birthday in LA which will have a watermelon theme. I think the homemade double layer chocolate cake with Butter Roux icing is fantastic and so yummy! Who knew I had it in me... Please enjoy.

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cathy said...

PRECIOUS cake...you did a fab job (and Joan too...love the after cake pic where she is laid back)...I love doing birthday cakes too.