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Friday, January 25, 2008

Welcome to our blog!

We are so excited about starting a family and we thought this blog would be a great way to share our joy with you! Here's a picture of Joan when we found out she was a girl, around 19 weeks. We were just a little surprised because we thought that with all of the girls in our families and because all of our friends were having girls, our baby might be a boy... Either way, we're really blessed that she'll be coming soon and we're so thankful that everything looked good in the ultrasound.


Dre said...
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Dre said...

Sooooooo, Joan - ahhhhh what a beautiful name. Do you think she realizes just how strong her name is? Joan Miro (one of my favorites), Joan Pope, Joan of Arc, Joan Baez, and, of course, Joan Rivers.... Just to name a few. Anyhoot, I love the idea of this blog stuff. Do keep in touch. We Southern folk ain't too good wit' all dis fancy smanshy compooter buizz! Take care little one. Hugs and kisses to Jude (errr, like mom says, St. Jude)

Grace Marie said...

so happy you linked!!

We thought Julia was a boy too -- nope.

and I love your girls' names!!